We are More than a Home Cleaning Company

LH cleaning provides a cleaning services in the Winnipeg area. Residential and Commercial Cleaning. We take pride in who we hire. We do background checks, and use complete training methods. We also have quality control methods that cost us more but helps keep the quality of cleaning at it's best. We also offer very competitive rates. 

LH Cleaning is a reliable service. We do our best keep reliability and the same cleaner coming to your home, office or school. We work with a small group of cleaners. LH Cleaning is a locally owned and operated cleaning company.

LH Cleaning offers one, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning services.  For those customers who have specific needs, we are happy to design a customized cleaning program that focuses on the areas of your home that you designate. We can also provide you with Spring cleaning and house cleaning services for that special party.

Lylyk Home Cleaning Service is committed to customer satisfaction. We offer a 100% guarantee on our work. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning in part of your home, simply call us within 24 hours and we will rectify the situation. We are so confident that you will love our service.

Be the envy of your neighbors while enjoying a clean home today!

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Lylyk Home Cleaning Services is  BONDED and has liability INSURANCE.